The vision of the school is “Happy learners through a lifestyle of excellence”. Our focus is on ensuring that we live our vision to the fullest. Please let us know if your child is unhappy or experiencing any difficulty at school. It is important that parents advise us of any home circumstances that may contribute to their child being unhappy or unsettled.

In our Code of Conduct the learners recite, amongst other things, that they will arrive at school on time, wear the correct uniform with pride and strive for full attendance. These are all matters in which you, as parents, canassist greatly. Please make these matters as important in your life as it is in theirs. As teachers, we will do our best to ensure quality teaching.


Learners are responsible for what is needed to be brought to school every day, i.e., School diary, lunch, projects, sports kit, etc. The office will not phone parents for such items. The only time a call will be made is if the learner has left their medication or glasses at home. Learners will have to bear the consequences of leaving important items at home. Parents are requested to assist their child/ren by ensuring the school bag is packed, according to their timetable, the night before.


4 March 2024 – SGB elections
19 March 2024 – Parents evening/ report collection
03 April 2024 – School reopens.
20 April 2024 – Colour Fun Walk


Parents are to call the school or send an email in advance to the class teacher and, explaining the reason for the request and time of the departure. Parents need to be patient and understand that it will take time to locate their children as they might be in the classroom, on the field or writing a test.


The exemption application forms are available in the Finance office and close on the 8th of March between 07:20am to 12:00 am. Parents will be given 3 weeks to fill in the forms and return to school, parents are also encouraged to apply within the time frame given. One of the biological parent or legal guardians needs to collect the form and sign for it.


If your child is required to take medication during school hours, please write a note in the learner’s homework diary with clear instructions of the dosage and the correct times that the medication needs to be taken,so the office can assist correctly.


We extend our greatest appreciation to all our parents and learners for the Support on the Care Day event, it was a fun and exciting for our Learners.


The raffle draw was done on Friday the 16th of February 2024, the 2 winners are Thando Mnikathi in 3C and Abongwe Mbanjwa in 4C, Congratulations to both learners!!


Being a member of the SGB is a very important position to hold. It comes with many responsibilities carried out after hours, in the evenings and on weekends, without any remuneration. The information that follows is provided by the Governing Body Foundation.

Who may — or may not — serve on a governing body?
A person is not eligible to be a member of a governing body if he or she:

is mentally ill and has been declared as such by a competent court.
is an un-rehabilitated insolvent.
has been convicted or an offence and sentenced to imprisonment without the option of a fine for a period exceeding six months and has not yet served his or her full period of imprisonment.
has been declared to be unsuitable to work with children as stipulated in terms of the Children’s Act, 2005 (Act 38 of 2005). has previously been removed from office by the provincial Head of Education for breach of the school or provincial Code of Conduct for Governing Body members.

How many people are on our school’s governing body?

Six elected parent members.
Four staff members, elected by their respective constituencies.
The principal (ex officio) by virtue of his official capacity.

Re: How to complete the SGB nomination form

BPS SGB Elections takes place on Monday 4th March at 6pm. We will require at least 170 parents for the quorum to be met and for the meeting to go ahead. Please make every effort to attend. We will have teachers available to look after your children.


1. Only complete the form should you wish to stand for elections to be a member of the SGB.
2. Should you wish to stand for elections, you will require:
a. A proposer who must be a registered parent at the school.
b. A seconder who must be a registered parent at the school.
c. To accept the nomination by filling in your name and signing the bottom of the form.
d. The proposer and seconder must complete their respective sections on the form.
e. The proposer cannot be the same person as the seconder and vice versa. Proposer and seconder are two different people.
3. You must bring the form to school yourself and place in the nomination box which is located at the office.
4. BPS requires 6 parent nominees as members of the SGB. Should there be more than 6 nominations, and a quorum, we will go into an election.
5. BPS have chosen the traditional method where we will have a nomination meeting on Monday 4th March at 6pm, followed by an election.
6. The School Electoral Officer will open the floor to any more nominations for 30 minutes. After which the box will be opened, and nomination forms validated against the voter roll.
7. The election process will be explained by the School Electoral Officer.

Nomination Form

1. There is a revised nomination form with this notice. Kindly ensure all the details are correctly completed and the nominee accepts by signing the at the bottom of the form.
2. All previous forms are invalid, and the new form needs to be completed and brought to the school.
3. The last day for accepting nominations at the office is Friday 2pm.

Kindly make every effort to attend so that we reach our quorum at the first meeting. Learners whose parents attend will receive double merits, a principal’s award as well as a Happy meal or King Jnr meal. Proof of identification (e.g.: ID, driver’s license, residents permit, asylum papers) must be brought to the meeting on 4 March 2024.

H Wadvalla


We regret to inform you the Colour Fun Walk for the 2nd of March 2024 has been postponed. The new date for the event will be the 20th of April 2024.

The reason for the date change are due to protocols, such as forms that need to be completed to get permission for the road closure and to ensure that all necessary safety measures are in place before the event.

The Karri App dates have been amended as well, the purchase of the Fun Walk t-shirt will be open on Karri until the 29th of March and the walk entry will be open until the 5th of April 2024.

Parent/community members who are interested in booking a stall need to know the follow requirements:
Stall hire cost R850.00.
you must bring your own equipment.

If you will be selling food/hot meals, please ensure you have a COA(health certificate) and email as he needs to make sure that no repetition of food is sold.

We apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.